With over 40 years’ experience in business communications, P&P will help you find the right communications strategy to meet your business objectives. Whether an internet video to enhance your company’s image, a video to differentiate your company from the competition, a training video to ensure your sales and service teams stay productive, or teach your customers how to install or use your product, or a video to introduce a new product or service, P&P communicates your message with integrity. Having the right talent is key to any business’ success and by working with the best talent P&P delivers on our promise to give our clients an edge. It’s what has made us an award-winning production company for over 40 years.


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The Talent Behind The Toys

The Talent Behind The Toys

In choosing a production company, the bottom line, once you've gotten past the razzle and dazzle, the blinking lights and the mountains of computers, is talent. The instincts to know what to do and the ability to get it done. The experience to make right decisions under fire. The determination not to stop one take short of just right.

Talent: it's what we sell at P&P Studios Inc., and what has kept our doors open since 1970.

P&P Studios Inc. is a mid-sized media production company located in Stamford, Connecticut. Close to New York City, near all the important airports, in the heart of a rich pool of Metro area technical and creative talents.

We're big enough to handle just about any job you can name, small enough to treat you as our most important customer. And we've been doing that since our first take.

Total Lack of Chaos!

Total Lack of Chaos!

Your operations are critical, but you need to shoot in your live environment. The last thing you need is a bunch of crazies disrupting your people’s work. We understand the importance of working carefully…not interfering with anything or anyone. When we depart your facility, we leave no footprints!

And there’s another benefit of trying for a total lack of chaos. People often equate careful planning of logistics and shoot details with a lack of creativity. But, we look at that from another angle. By planning in advance for every possible contingency (and we’ve experienced a lot over the past 40+ years) we have more time to work and be creative on the set.