A look at a variety of projects we've produced over the years:


USMC Intro

Created as an introduction to a Marine Corps training program, this video won a Silver Telly for Best Editing and a Bronze for Sound Design, All picture was supplied without sound except for the kid's dialogue scenes (which we shot). We edited, added licensed library music and created the sound design in our studios.

Something in Her Drink

From an ethics training program, this scenario is one of seven dealing with ethical questions faced by a group of friends out together one evening. Shot in a club, P&P cast, filmed, edited, graded and did the sound design. The music is licensed.

Exxon Safety Excerpt

This video, shot on location in Texas, was written, cast, shot and edited by P&P with an original score by Brian Keane. In this climactic scene viewers learn there are many factors besides alcohol & drugs that can lead to unsafe behaviors in the workplace.

USMC Leadership Training Excerpt

This scene was shot on location in Springfield, MA using active duty Marines as characters in the story. None had acting experience. P&P's director John Fishback coached the Marines to believable performances.

Job Observation Safety Video Open

We cast the talent, shot this on film on a stage, built and shot the miniatures, edited and finished with an original piece of music recorded to picture. The contrast of a light approach to a serious issue successfully reached the intended audience.

Need Satisfaction Selling Excerpt

Shot on a stage with an airplane cabin set, P&P cast, shot, and edited this introductory program about selling. Music used was licensed library music.

Oxy Chem International Safety Excerpt

Shot on-location in Brazil and Mexico the video highlighted the safety accomplishments of two OxyChem plants. Conceived, written, shot and edited by P&P, the video features an original score, and voiceover by the incomparable Peter Thomas.

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The Ballet School of Stamford Excerpt

This is an excerpt from a Silver Telly Award-winning documentary about The Ballet School of Stamford. P&P shot, wrote, created graphics and edited the piece. It features interviews with Allegra Kent, New York City Ballet ballerina, and international opera star, Renee Flemming. The score was recorded live during the shoot and was supplemented by licensed library music.

Families in Recovery Program Excerpt

A segment from a documentary produced for Liberation Programs' Families in Recovery Program. P&P shot, edited and created the music track from licensed library music.

What is KHK?

P&P produced this video for an amazing youth organization: Kids Helping Kids CT. We shot interviews on a green screen over 4 days then edited that footage with moving still images of KHK projects and activities to create this overview video. Sound Design was done at P&P and licensed library music was used throughout.

Pivot Ministries Excerpt

A segment from a documentary produced for Pivot Ministries tells part of the Pivot story .P&P shot on location, edited, designed the sound & graded the program. The music is licensed for use.

Porsche Sport Driving School Excerpt

Shot on location, this segment from a web documentary offers a glimpse into the fun and excitement of attending the Porsche Sport Driving School. P&P shot, edited and added a licensed library music score.

Families in Recovery Program (FIRP) 2014 Video

P&P has supported the Families in Recovery Program (FIRP) with video production over the past six years. During that time funds were raised to move FIRP from its present location to a brand new facility. It's been rewarding to be able to tell so many stories over that time. Dreams do come true. P&P shot, edited and created the soundtrack using stock licensed music.

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Why Use Video?

There are many compelling reasons to use video on your site. Here are just a few. Contact us for a free consultation at ppstudios@WeProduce.com or toll-free at 1-888-We Produce (1-888-937-7638).

Porsche Winter Tires

From supplied script and B-roll P&P edited the script, chose licensed library music, recorded the VO, created the sound design and video-edited the program.

P&P Explainer Video Demo

A light-hearted Explainer Video about P&P Studios Inc. We cast the talent, created the animated graphics, recorded the VO, created the sound design and edited it all together. Music is licensed library music from Killer Tracks.

Metlang Explainer

Used online and at trade shows this video highlights the benefits of working with Metlang. P&P finalized the script, recorded the track, created the sound design, used licensed library music, created the motion graphics and edited it all together.

Product Introduction Excerpt

Shot on a stage, P&P wrote, cast the talent, designed the set, shot and edited the program.

Internet Video Made Simple

P&P wrote, produced the animated graphics and edited this explainer video using licensed library music.

Treehouse Presentation Video

This video accompanies an investor presentation by Treehouse Technologies, Inc. P&P wrote the script, designed the graphics, recorded and edited the soundtrack (with licensed music) and produced the motion graphics and final edit.

Porsche Cayenne Web Special

P&P edited this video using supplied footage against a licensed library music track.

Jobs To Win Explainer

This video explains how the JobsToWin concept. P&P wrote the script, designed the graphics, recorded and edited the soundtrack (with licensed music) and produced the motion graphics and final edit.

Allegient Home Page CEO Video

P&P shot, edited and created the graphics for this introductory web video. The music used is licensed library music.

University of New Haven’s New Campus

This video was produced from a supplied script and visuals (which had no sound). P&P auditioned voice talent, recorded & directed the talent, created the sound design and edited the video. Extensive picture grading as well as sky and water replacement were done to optimize image quality.

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Standing Proud

This tribute video was produced on behalf of one of our clients as a thank you to the Owensboro Fire Dept. We produced the original score which builds from a ballad feel at the start to a rock anthem with blazing horns at the end. We used existing client-shot videos and photos and composited them with stock footage in AfterFX.

Happy 4th of July

Have a Fabulous 4th!

Mars Rover in Stamford, CT

Made for inclusion in a corporate event, P&P designed and built the miniatures and shot with a motion-control camera.

Ladder Fall

Shot on location in Texas as part of a safety training video, the fall features a professional stuntman. P&P cast, shot and edited the program.

Green Screen Puts the Car On the Road

This scene was shot on a stage in Chicago against a green screen to save time and money compared to actually shooting on the road. The video periodically wipes from the composite to the green screen to illustrate the process. Notice how we added reflections of overhead tree limbs and light poles in the car's hood and roof to enhance the effect.

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